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We were hesitant to do Telehealth and then COVID. Pretty sure our story is the same as 1000's of other practices out there. Now as the world is changing we are talking about should we keep using Telemedicine moving forward and if so how to market it? The marketing aspect is big for us because if it is too much work to educate clients about this option we most likely will drop using Telemedicine for our practice. 

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Hi, telehealth is my jam! 
You should definitely use telehealth in your practice- but how you use it is up to you, and really depends on your team, client demographics, and time available. 
First, pick what you want to use telehealth for. Maybe rechecks, or history taking, or triage, or behavior cases? Once you know what use cases you'd like to use telehealth for, determine which of your clients you should market to and start with them. Always best to start small, so we don't overwhelm your super busy team or your clients. 

Make sure you have information on telehealth options on your website, have some flyers to hand out with your telehealth app information, send emails to your clients, and schedule telehealth appointments for your clients. 
For example, when a dog comes in for a neuter- ask them to download your telehealth app, then use the telehealth app to chat back and forth with the client through the day and send photos so they know the status of their pet (and so they get comfortable with your telehealth app). They'll love the direct communication and no phone calls. Send all the discharge information through the app, and then ask them to send you a picture of the incision/surgical site every few days until it's healed. You can charge a "telehealth recheck" in your neuter costs.  In this case, your CSR or tech may have needed to help the client download the app (maybe 2-3 minutes time?) but the real marketing is the great experience the client has in using the app. 

Your team promoting the app in the exam room ("Hey, next time Rufus has diarrhea, let us know through the app first and we may be able to help there first!" ) is really the best way to market. Your clients are there because the trust you and your team, so they'll trust your personal recommendations. 

The marketing is always a little heavier in the beginning- you have to train your clients and staff to the behavior you want through marketing and setting expectations- but once they are in the swing of it, there should be minimal marketing effort! 

And remember to use telehealth to market your practice, too. You can allow new clients to contact you via your telehealth app, and use that communication to educate, provide general advice, and help guide their decision making about their pets even if you don't have a VCPR with them (just have them come to the clinic for any diagnosis, treatment, or prescription). For example, a new client with a dog with a limp can contact you and send you a video of the limp. You can look at the video, and let them know the dog needs an orthopedic exam, maybe a sedated x-ray, and pain medications to start. You can educate as to why that's important, provide a basic estimate, and help them get an appointment. By providing advice in this manner, you can acquire a new client- and this new client comes prepared, educated, and ready to pay the estimate.

I'm happy to answer any questions! 

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