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I don't have time to post on Facebook during the day. Let alone respond to people. What do ya'll do? Do you have someone at the front desk or something take on that responsibility? 

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  • Beyond Indigo Pets Team


Facebook posting while handling a busy practice can be daunting but here are a few options that might suit you. 


1. Pick a day to schedule out your weekly postings. Maybe pick a Sunday/Saturday a specific person sits down and schedules content. Then, your entire week is already planned and free. 


2. Choose a specific person to be your "social media" go-to, this person will be responsible for uploading/updating content, even pick specific days like Monday, Wednesday and Friday to post so it is less of a overwhelming task. 


3. You can choose to have an outside source  (like us 😉) manage your social media postings for you and take it off your plate entirely. 


I hope this helps! 

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