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Should I Pay for Google Ads To Show Up For My Hospitals Name?

Northside Animal Hospital

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  • Flutter of Butterflies Group

I want to make sure my website is showing up for my hopsitals company name, especially when my competitor's display ads for our name. Should I pay for Google Ads when potential customers search our name? 

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  • Beyond Indigo Pets Team

Great question! Branded campaigns, those containing your hospital's name, are often a good idea, and certainly, if competitors are using your name for their ads. This is especially important as you work on your organic SEO, which will greatly reduce your need to rely on google ad spend for visibility in the future. 

Branded keywords will (should) be significantly cheaper, provide a low cost-per-click, ensure you are appearing atop the search results, and is a great way to kickstart your hospital as it begins to focus on marketing. 

NOTE: It is important to keep your branded keywords separate from your non-branded ones so that you can easily see how well your ad campaign (without your hospital name) is performing and to make the necessary adjustments. 

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