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Mobile search different?

Wagging Tail

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Is mobile search different than desktop? I mean I use search on all my devices. Should I care?

Wagging Tail

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  • Beyond Indigo Pets Team

Hello Wagging Tail!

There are a few reasons mobile and desktop search are separated categorically. 

Mobile viewers are receiving a completely different experience then those on desktop, take Google My Business for example, on your phone you can tap the phone number and it will call directly from your phone. 

Each search category is optimized for the experience. For an example: if someone is searching on their mobile phone for a vet office near them, and you are near them but have a poorly mobile optimized website, Google is less likely to show your website to mobile search viewers. 

But maybe your site is much more optimized for Desktop, that is why Google has broken these two sections out per viewing experience. On average, there are more mobile searches than desktop, so understanding the concept is important 

I hope this helps. 

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