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Is it worth doing Google Ads on a low budget?

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  • Flutter of Butterflies Group

I can only spend $100-$200 a month. I am having a hard time getting conversions. Is my budget too low or is there a better way to optimize the campaign?

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  • Beyond Indigo Pets Team

Hi Linda, 

Before increasing your budget there are a few things you can check.

  • Are your conversion events installed properly and are firing? (test your conversions)
  • Are you targeting the correct area? (if you are accidently targeting the entire US vs. your specific town) 
  • Take a look at your keywords, with a smaller budget it may be beneficial to get more granular in your keyword targeting
  • Take a look at your negative keywords, are there some terms you could add that you DO NOT want to show up for? 
  • What is your bid strategy? It may be beneficial to change your bid strategy entirely. For example, if you are optimized for clicks you may want to optimize for maximum conversions. 


I hope this helps! 

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