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How do I rank on Apple Map?

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A lot of our customers use iPhones. Is it different than Google? Thanks!

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2 minutes ago, Linda said:

A lot of our customers use iPhones. Is it different than Google? Thanks!


There are a few ways to enhance your Apple Maps listing for optimal visibility. Apple Maps pull most of its information from your businesses YELP listing. 

1st: make sure your listing is accurate (address, phone, hours, website) not a duplicate listing and not claimed by anyone else. After ensuring there are no duplicate listings and all information is correct, you should proceed to claim and manage your listing. This enables you to present the right kind of information to your customers. The customers should get update information about your business when they check it out with Siri. There is another advantage of updating the listing. You get alerts whenever a customer posts a new review thereby allowing you to respond to it immediately.

2nd: Send some of your clients to your YELP profile to leave a positive review. Obtaining positive reviews from Yelp regulars and Elite Yelpers can boost your Yelp rankings thereby propelling your Apple Maps rankings at the same time

How YELP ranks profiles: Yelp has a reputation of being a community directory listing service. Hence, customer reviews matter a lot. Yelp encourages people to post their reviews on the website as frequently as possible.

Such active members of the community gain prominence because of frequent interactions with other community members. This allows them to earn the ‘Elite Status’. Hence, those who do not participate in the interactions see their reviews getting filtered off gradually.

NEVER buy reviews. This tends to do more harm than good. If caught, your profile will be highly penalized. 


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