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Have you tried wellness plans?

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  • Antelligence

Hello all, Dr. Karen Felsted has a column in this week's Fountain Report about wellness plans.

I'm interested to hear from anyone who's tried offering these plans to your clients. What have you found that's working? Have there been challenges you've had to work through? Do you find you have stronger client relationships because of it? Is there anything Karen suggests that you can attest to?

I look forward to learning about your experiences. Thank you!

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  • Flutter of Butterflies Group

Wonderful article. 

What we've found is that through proper marketing and with an enthusiastic and approachable staff recommending the plans, we have been able to keep a great base of clients.

Through the past few years, it has been important to find a balance to fulfill our promises regarding wellness plans and had to make adjustments to ensure that we allowed sufficient availability. We are still working on finding the perfect balance. I'd love to hear how others with wellness plans are balancing availability versus new client demand.

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  • Beyond Indigo Pets Team

From a marketing perspective, wellness plans play a major role in our strategy and planning. We run google ads pointing to the pages designed to promote the wellness plans, regularly post about them on social media, and write blogs about the topic. My clients also promote them in-house and have wonderful staff that facilitate this on their end. 

Recently, some clients have found themselves trying to balance between existing and new clients and are leaning towards keeping 3-4 appointments available each day to accommodate this and wonder if anybody else has any suggestions.

Besides not providing the experience my clients want people to experience at their practice , they have also run against some less than ideal reviews because of the long wait times. So, I'm really hoping to see how others handle this to pass on to my clients and help them find this balance.

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