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Humor works in marketing - come have a laugh.


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Marketing that uses humor really works. Check out this video about Squatty potty that has 40 million views at

Check out this other one by Dr. Squatch with 117 million views.


Finally here is a list of other classic commercials that use humor!


  1. "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" - Old Spice: This commercial features actor Isaiah Mustafa delivering a humorous monologue about the benefits of using Old Spice body wash. It was a viral hit when it was released in 2010 and has since become one of the most popular commercials on YouTube.

  2. "The Force" - Volkswagen: This commercial, which aired during the 2011 Super Bowl, features a young boy dressed as Darth Vader attempting to use "the force" to perform various tasks around the house, only to be thwarted by the family's new Volkswagen Passat.

  3. "Will It Blend?" - Blendtec: This series of commercials, which features Blendtec founder Tom Dickson attempting to blend various unusual objects in a Blendtec blender, has been popular on YouTube since it was first introduced in 2006.

  4. "Epic Split" - Volvo Trucks: This commercial, which was released in 2013, features actor Jean-Claude Van Damme performing a split between two reversing Volvo trucks. The commercial became a viral hit and has been viewed over 100 million times on YouTube.

  5. "Evolution" - Honda: This commercial, which was released in 2002, features a series of Rube Goldberg-style contraptions that illustrate the evolution of Honda's car models. It has been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube.

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